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Do You Like Your House!?

There’s an abundance of house music in the market and Perth is fortunate to have a variety of venues playing this extremely popular genre of music. However something I have noticed is that a particular style of house that is so enriching and uplifting doesn’t seem to get much airplay – I am of course talking about Soulful House.

So with that I decided to give Black & Blue a Soulful House theme on RTR FM.

The history of house music goes back Chicago to the days of Frankie Knuckles and before. These days the lines between house music and dance music are very much blurred. However, I believe Soulful House stands out on its own because it captures something that other house (and dance) variants don’t. The combination of soul, r & b, uplifting vocals, enchanting and progressive melodies provide an uplifting energy that is not present in the same way in other music genres.

Today Soulful house music still remains very much an art form with its continued momentum rooted in the underground scene. I’d love to see more of it here in Perth and judging by the calls to the studio so would you.

Here’s hoping but for now, have another listen to the show and as always, let me know what you think!

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