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Hiphop Sampled Soul

Ok, confession time. I LOVE Hiphop. As KRS ONE would say – I AM HIPHOP. Growing up in London during a period where Hiphop was in its infancy and literally changing the shape of music and the industry around it was seminal for me. I duly wanted to pay respect to the influence of Hiphop in my life but how could I do that in a way that fitted with the musical direction I like to take with my slot on Black & Blue? Well, I’m also a massive soul music fan and was equally influenced by the great soul music and artists of the late 70’s and early 80’s so I decided to merge the two.

Enter Hiphop Sampled Soul!

As I researched the music for my show it reminded me of how incredible the creativity of artists was back in the 70’s. It also reinforced the incredible influence of soul and funk records of the 70’s era and the impact they had on Hiphop and its creation. A lot of the early Hiphop artists were using music from the collection of their parents and using it in ingenious ways to create breaks and samples as a foundation for what would become an artform. It was a truly incredible time in the genesis of the genre and I am thrilled that I can bring you my little take on how some of that came to be. I hope the show opens you up to how creative and genius Hiphop is whilst at the same time showcasing how extraordinary the soul and funk music of that era was in inspiring a whole generation of talented young people. Young people like Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, LL COOL J, KRS ONE, Public Enemy and many others who would go on to create one of the fastest growing and most infectious forms of music we have ever seen.

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