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Do You Like Soul Music!?

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I was recently part of an interesting debate amongst friends about the ‘state of soul music’ here in Perth. The basis of our conversation was thus – “do people in Perth like Soul music?” . There are various elements to the question that require more probing but before we get into that what is perhaps more interesting than the answer is, why ask the question!?

Finding the Soul of Perth

The music scence in Perth is experiencing interesting times. As a raft of new bars open (bringing different genres of music to patrons ears) there’s been a slight demise in live music venues which in turn is affecting the traditional live music genres here in WA, namely folk & rock music. With a growing population and influx of international visitors, tastes and expectations are changing.    Yet there still appears to be a lack of consistent representation of other music forms and an unwillingness to experiment with it. In the case of Soul music I’ve been hard pressed to find soul music being played routinely on the airwaves outside of specialist shows. Pleasingly, there appears to be an emergence of Soul orientated bands on the scene who are producing original music which one can only hope will be given a platform from which to broaden the options and possibilities for the entertainment space in Perth.

Whose Soul is it anyway?

Here at we’re keen to promote good music across all genres. In the case of Soul music we’re startled that there isn’t much going on as far as 70’s & 80’s Soul. Admittedly there are a few 80’s club nights springing up but they are few and far between and seemingly not well attended. Is there a reason for this we wonder? Northern Soul seems to be the most popular variant of the Soul genre followed closely by Rhythm and Blues (not the contemporary style R&B) and then Motown Soul. LiQUORiCE hails from the UK where our experience and exposure to Soul was heavily influenced by the US artists of the 70’s & 80’s along with the emergence of the UK Soul scene that would go on to give us music from artists like Soul II Soul, Loose Ends, Level 42, Freeze, Total Contrast, Average White Men and more. We can’t help but notice that a lot of this genre of Soul music is still missing from the Perth live/club circuit and hope that we can do our bit along with the other interested parties out there to bring a little of that Golden Era of Soul to the masses here in Perth.

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