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How Slow Can Perth Go?

I continue to be intrigued by the Perth nightlife scene. There is no shortage of uptempo music, driven by a seemingly insatiable appetite for the the 125+ bpm booze fuelled nightclub dynamic. Here in Perth, the Slow Jam scene is either non-existent or very underground because I have yet to see it featured during a […]

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Do You Like Your House!?

There’s an abundance of house music in the market and Perth is fortunate to have a variety of venues playing this extremely popular genre of music. However something I have noticed is that a particular style of house that is so enriching and uplifting doesn’t seem to get much airplay – I am of course […]

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Latin music, what’s not to like!?

There’s a few things I don’t get about Latin music. I don’t understand the lyrics, I sometimes struggle to pronounce the song/artist names and I don’t know how to follow the dance techniques associated with Salsa, Rumba and the other genres this varied and engrossing style of music promotes. However, none of that detracts from […]

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Soul has plenty of funk in the trunk

So yesterday was a big deal for me as I made my debut on RTR FM’s Soulsides show. I’m a fan of several shows and genres on the station so being afforded the opportunity to play on Soulsides was a real buzz and I wanted to make the most of the moment! I decided to […]

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STEMS to the future?

So STEMS is here and as of the end of August so too the STEMS creator tool. Don’t know what STEMS is? In a nutshell it’s a new file structure that splits a track into four musical elements such as drums, vocals, harmony and guitar. This means as a producer of music you can define […]

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Neo Soul For Your Soul

I’ve been thinking about putting on a Neo Soul show for a while now but was looking for the right moment to put it on. I’m still exploring the range of tastes for different music here in Perth and sometimes question whether the diversity of taste is fully represented in the broadcast media. So I […]

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Hiphop Sampled Soul

Ok, confession time. I LOVE Hiphop. As KRS ONE would say – I AM HIPHOP. Growing up in London during a period where Hiphop was in its infancy and literally changing the shape of music and the industry around it was seminal for me. I duly wanted to pay respect to the influence of Hiphop […]

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Do You Like Soul Music!?

I was recently part of an interesting debate amongst friends about the ‘state of soul music’ here in Perth. The basis of our conversation was thus – “do people in Perth like Soul music?” . There are various elements to the question that require more probing but before we get into that what is perhaps more […]

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